Resume Writing

How to write a resume. Do's and Dont's

The good, the bad and the ugly...

Sitting down to write your resume can be down right scary! What’s even more taunting is knowing the Do’s and Don’ts of writing your resume. Your resume is a personal reflection of you and you don’t want to sound desperate, needy, or show a lack of confidence.

Is your resume ready for the robots?

How to get past the applicant tracking system

Like it or not, your resume is being scanned by software on a computer. This software rejects over 70% of resumes before a human even gets to see them! Learn how to avoid the robot rejection!

How to write a resume in 2020

Resume writing changes. Learn what works in 2020.

Resume writing is a skill all too often overlooked by job seekers, to their own detriment. A great resume is much like a great recipe. Worded well, it can make potential employers salivate even before meeting you in person.