Sitting down to write your resume can be down right scary! What’s even more taunting is knowing the Do’s and Don’ts of writing your resume. Your resume is a personal reflection of you and you don’t want to sound desperate, needy, or show a lack of confidence. What you do want to do is show your personal best by bringing your skills and confidence to the table. Doing all this while writing a great resume can be tricky.

What you do want to do is show your personal best by bringing your skills and confidence to the table.

This is where Resume Beacon comes into play. You can write your resume through a step by step self guided platform. Along the way you have extras such as the Job Hunters’ Handbook and even free cover letter templates.

Here are a few key Do’s and Don’ts to help keep you on track when putting together your resume.

  1. Write out a description of your skills and accomplishments. Do Not write a paragragh about each of your skills/accomplishments. Alot of the time your resume is being scanned by potential employers so it’s much more effective if you have keywords in your resume instead of too many words. As it makes the scanning process much more efficient.
  2. Identify your strengths but Do Not share too much information. You do not need to share your favorite holiday, birthdate,or how cute your kids are with your future employer.
  3. Make your resume an informative sales letter, Do Not make focus on page count. Your goal here is to share your experiences and knowledge without sending in 2 or 3 pages about how special you are.
  4. Do not forget to proofread!! This is a big one. Don’t sit down pump out your resume and send it in. No matter how well you write, there are always things you want to change or things that you forgot or misspelled!
  5. Put your most current/relevant job first, then move to your previous work history. Do Not list every single job you’ve had since you were 16 years old. No need to add the lawn care service you did for Aunt Betty years ago.

Although your education is important, your experiences, skills and past jobs tell the recruiters a lot about your actual knowledge. Don’t feel like your education is held up as your highest accomplishment. Do Not feel that you need to highlight education, especially if you don’t have a fancy degree. In fact, if you upgrade to one of premium templates, you are free to remove the education section if you’d like.