Whether you are just getting started and looking for your first job as a Teacher Assistant or you are a seasoned professional, you can always use a refresher in the latest how to’s of the industry…

Here Are A Few Tips on How to Keep Your Resume on Par with The Others in Your Industry.

Keep Your Resume Up To Date

As a Teacher Assistant, you are always working on new courses or things to add to your portfolio. Did you remember to add that new straining program you mastered? Make sure that you add all your important current work. (That’s what is great about the Resume Builder, you can go back into your account and change and update your resume and then print it or send it right over to your future employer.)

Look Around At Potential Employers

Do your homework on potential schools that you might want to work for. Make sure the school district offers you exactly what you want. Benefits, Salary, Vacation/Sick time pay, Retirement opportunities. These are all factors that are part of the package. Figure out what you want so you can go in confident when asked what you’re looking for. When doing your research try and find out a little bit about the administrative culture of the school and try to pinpoint whether they value their employees. One way to do this is by researching the administrative team, or if you’re lucky enough to talk with other teachers that’s even better.

Tap Into The Alumni Channel

Connect with your college buddies. There are so many ways to connect with fellow Alumni. Facebook, Twitter, Alumni committees and Linkedin. It’s easier now than ever with all the social media outlets to connect with others. So, don’t worry if you’ve been out of school for a while. Often when you reach out to fellow Alumni they are more than happy to reconnect and help an old classmate.


Network, Network, Network! Connect with friends, family, colleagues and anyone else you come across. Networking can only lead you down other roads. You can Network on so many social media outlets. A good place to start is on Linkedin. Stay in touch with friends, family, neighbors, old colleagues, or alumni. It’s also important to get out and socialize. There are all kinds of meet up groups for professionals in your area.