Recent Graduate

No Job Experience? No problem.

A lot of students don't have much employment history. Learn what to write.

The job market is more competitive than ever and that means having an impressive resume is the key to finding a good job. For recent grads with little to no work experience this can be very difficult. It might even seem like you’ll never find your dream job.

Do Employers Care About Credit Score?

Will your chances of landing that new job hinge on your credit score?

Don't have great credit? Did you max out all of your credit cards and now you're in collections? Have you wondered if this might hurt your chances of getting a new job? Read more and find out how this might affect you.

Should I consolidate my Student Loans?

Consolidate or not?

Here is inside scoop on how to save money by consolidating as well as a few of the ins and outs of getting it done the right way.