The cover letter is the most important part of applying for a job. It’s the first contact that a potential employer has with you. It’s where the employer forms their first opinions. The cover letter decides who gets a job interview and who doesn’t. That’s why it’s crucial to include these 10 key cover letter phrases to ensure a callback!

“Dear Mrs. Jane Doe or Mr. John Doe”

This may seem like such a small phrase. It’s one that you need to use, otherwise, you run the risk of having your cover letter tossed out before a potential employer even reads it. Why’s that? It’s because you have to be very careful with pronoun choice. Many will start their cover letter by saying “Dear Sir” because its a habit. If the hiring manager is a women it is possible that you may offend her and she might toss your resume out. It’s ideal that you get the hiring managers name. This shows that you took a little time to do a little research.

“Your company ranks number one in companies I prefer to join. I admire your mission statement”

In the cover letter it’s alright to go ahead and tell them what you admire about them. This shows them that you’re not just looking for any job, rather you’re passionate about their company and what they have to offer. Also, take the time to read the company’s mission statement and mention a little bit about what strikes you about the company.

“The position strongly appeals to me because”

Follow up with why you want to work for the company. If you go into great detail about why you want a certain position, it shows that you have a passion for the career path you are on. Potential bosses admire someone who knows what job they want to hold. That’s because this shows that an employee will potentially stick with the job for years to come.

“My friend John Doe has worked for your company for the past 5 years and has made me interested because… He has told me all about…”

It’s common knowledge that internal referrals count for a huge number of hires. Therefore, you’ll want to highlight your connections fairly early on. Employers generally trust their employees, especially the good ones, and they take into account their opinions. Often times, employers will ask their employees if they know anyone who is looking for a job.

“I feel that I could help your company grow by”

This is a tricky area when it comes to cover letter writing. It’s one that many shy away from. If you thoroughly do your research on the company, this is one of the key cover letter phrases that will help you land a job. All companies want to be the best. Potential employers will admire someone who isn’t afraid to point out what they’ve been known to do wrong and give examples of how they will help. All you have to do is search for a few challenges that the company is having. Perhaps they’re a restaurant that’s not getting positive reviews on social media? Take a sentence or two to explain specific examples of how you’ll be able to help this. It shows that you’re just what they’re looking for.

“Last year I was tasked with a few challenges. First I was responsible for…”

Show your potential boss that you know how to work well under pressure. Explain to them a few times where you were really in boiling water and how you got out of it. Bosses want tough employees who have proven their worth. This is how you show them that nothing gets you down and that you persevere under pressure.

“I’ve been awarded, recognized, selected for, etc.”

Now is your time to shine! Make sure to talk yourself up in just a few sentences. Mention a few key awards you’ve won or that you were recognized for. This shouldn’t turn into a long paragraph because some of this will be touched upon in your resume. Instead, mention a few proud moments so that you can peek their curiosity and get them interested in meeting you!

“I am the candidate for the job”

This is a short phrase that you can add almost anywhere in your resume. It shows that you’re confident in your abilities. This phrase will please a potential employer because it shows that you’re not afraid to make bold statements about your abilities. It sounds much better than using if and maybe statements.

“I am very excited to learn more about this opportunity and share why I’ll be a great fit”

As you near the end of your cover letter, you’ll want to include a call to action. State to your potential employer that you will be following up with them. A statement like this is great. It’s concrete without being too pushy. Avoid giving an exact date of when you’ll be following up because that may turn a potential employee off from wanting to hire you.

“If I am offered this position, I will be ready to hit the ground running”

Finally, conclude your cover letter by further reiterating that you are serious about landing the job. It’s also okay to include an example here of one thing you’d like to try and contribute to the company.

Conclusion: Key Phrases are Importance

Cover letter writing can be hard but if you include these key phrases, you have a better chance of landing an interview and the job! Cover letters are your chance to get a little bit personal so don’t be afraid to reveal a few details about yourself and your job passions.